Who Are We?

Rio Grande Bird Research, Inc. is a group of volunteers who conduct bird research in the Middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico.  Our main project is a banding station at the Rio Grande Nature Center in Albuquerque.  Started in 1979, before the Nature Center was developed, the banding project now has one of the largest and most important avifauna databases in the Middle Rio Grande Valley.

Initiated by Chuck Hundertmark, Marjorie Jannotta, and David Lange, the banding project studies populations of migratory song birds. Although the Rio Grande Nature Center banding project is the main undertaking of Rio Grande Bird Research, we have not limited our programs to the Nature Center.  When opportunities arise, we use the skills of the group for other bird research projects on and off the Nature Center site.

More than 150 species of birds have been netted at the Nature Center, including some species not previously documented in the Middle Rio Grande Valley.

Project Goals

The organization has both research and educational goals.  The two types of goals are mutually supportive.

Our basic research objectives are to

•    document the species composition, timing, and age/sex structure of bird migration that can used for long-term population monitoring in the Rio Grande Valley.

•    document winter populations in terms of species composition, timing and structure and habitat usage.

Our educational objectives are to

•    develop programs and publications on birds, their habitat usage and seasonal population changes at the Rio Grande Nature Center and the associated Candelaria Farms.

•    provide interested adults an opportunity to increase their knowledge of birds through participation in the project.

•    provide biology students an opportunity to learn or enhance bird handling and other research skills.